The Student Union – About Us

Established and run by students, the Student Union is the students’ home at IDC Herzliya. The Student Union works and operates for the protection and representation of all students on campus, while focusing on the relevant fields of student life. The IDC Student Union exists as an integral sector of IDC Herzliya and as the backbone of its students. 

The Student Union acts on students’ behalf in 8 main areas: welfare , social events and cultural affairs, marketing, Spokesperson, Administration,  Student Union office and the Academic forum, which consists of representatives of tracks, international position holders and academic coordinators. Within each department there are various sectors, which work for the welfare of IDC students in a myriad of fields. The sectors are responsible for the routine promotion and execution of events and services in campus. Our volunteers' work stands at the heart of the Student Union.

As in every year, we invite you, IDC Students, to take part and join the Student Union. We are looking for students who have the desire and motivation to work, change, improve and integrate as team members in one of the Student Union's department.

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